Colorado Springs People’s Coalition organizes campaigns around specific causes in order to engage the community in political work and enact social change.

Our Tactics

The CSPC strategy for building mass movements involves…


  • Flyering
  • Social media campaigns
  • Film screenings
  • Literature studies
  • Press coverage
  • Policy proposal
  • Teach-ins


  • Protests
  • Marches
  • Rallies
  • Non-violent direct action
  • Noise demonstrations


  • Increase presence in our community through solidarity
  • Escalate agitation

Current Campaigns

Solidarity with Palestine

CSPC’s latest campaign has been organized around calling for an end to the U.S.-backed genocide in Palestine, and for Colorado Springs to divest from the military contractors that make Israel’s abhorrent actions possible.

So far, this campaign has involved…

  • Film screenings, art makes, and teach-ins
  • Protests, marches, rallies, and pickets
  • A Week of Action that ended in a banner drop off Bijou St. bridge
  • Writing a ceasefire resolution and pressuring Colorado Springs City Council to pass it

Sign your name to our ceasefire resolution petition here.

If you’re interested in helping with current campaigns, sign up for notifications here.

Past Campaigns

No More Inmate Deaths

Overview: CSPC organized to combat deteriorating conditions in the El Paso County jail, which caused nine inmate deaths in 2022.

Outcome: The number of inmate deaths was reduced to five in 2023, and El Paso County jail divested from WellPath in early 2024.

Condemn Police Crimes

Overview: CSPC provided support for the family of Brandon Harris, who died by suicide after the Colorado Springs Police Department chased him into Burlington Coat Factory with weapons drawn in 2023. CSPC also condemned CSPD for giving chase to Brandon Harris with their weapons drawn, and endangering multiple lives within the Burlington Coat Factory.

Outcome: (Summation in progress)

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